Geochemistry Group Research in Progress (GGRiP) 2021 virtual meeting

The Geochemistry Group’s Research in Progress meeting (GGRiP) entered new territory in 2021. In addition to being the first time that the event was held fully online, it was also the first time that we were able to welcome contributions and attendance from overseas delegates, with free participation for institutions in low and middle income countries as recognised by the Research4Life partnership. Whilst we fully recognise and appreciate the benefits of meeting and sharing our latest research face-to-face, the group was delighted to be able to support PhD students and early career researchers from throughout the international Geochemistry community, and we will do our best to build on this success by continuing to offer access to the meeting for international delegates at future events.

Almost as good as meeting in person!

As always the meeting itself was underpinned by a series of fantastic talks and poster presentations that spanned the full geochemical spectrum. Amongst the many highlights were keynote talks by Dr Magali Ader and Dr Amy Riches on the Geochemical Society’s and European Association of Geochemistry’s approaches towards advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Dr Ashley King and Dr Queenie Chan presenting as part of the Geological Society’s Year of Space; and Dr Emma Tomlison and Dr David Naafs taking us from the heat of the Archean mantle to the relatively cool temperatures recorded by bacterial biomarkers. In addition, the unfortunate cancellation of our 2020 GGRiP meeting meant we were treated to 2 years-worth of Early Career Researcher award recipient talks from Dr Richard Taylor, Dr Matthew Warke, Dr Emily Stevenson Dr Chris Standish, on top of some truly excellent student presentations. Our poster session was held in a virtual exhibit hall using Gather.Town that featured many really excellent posters that can still be viewed here.

Finally, we would like to thank Nu, QMX Laboratories, SciMed and Zeiss for their generous support of the meeting. In particular we would like to acknowledge Nu and Zeiss who kindly supported our student prizes this year.

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