The European Lunar Symposium comes to Manchester!

by Trish Clay

The 2019 European Lunar Symposium was held in Manchester from the 21st-23rd of May. This year, ELS has special significance, as 2019 marks the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing in 1969 ( Participants from all over Europe gathered together at Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum ( for a series of science talks, posters, and space agency panel discussions, covering all aspects of lunar science and the future of lunar exploration. The week kicked off at the University of Manchester with NASA’s chief scientist, Dr. Jim Green, giving a public lecture on the history and future of lunar exploration and lunar science (The Importance of the Moon: Past, Present and Future). The lecture can be viewed here:

Participants from the 2019 European Lunar Symposium gathered outside the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester. Photo credit: Dr. K.H. Joy

For information on the meeting, including abstracts, check out this link:

Alternatively, for a quick summary, you can check out this Vlog from the Earth and Solar System and the Cosmic Cast teams based at the University of Manchester:

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