Goldschmidt 2018, Boston.  by David van Acken. The 28th Annual Goldschmidt Conference was held at the Hynes Conference Center in Boston, MA, from August 12th to 17th 2018, assembling around 3500 geochemists from all over the world. With the usual wide spread of topics from the origins of the solar system via biogeochemistry to theContinue reading

2018 Geochemistry Group Postdoctoral Awards Announced

by Susan H. Little Winning Geochemists! For the third year in a row, the Geochemistry Group is thrilled to award two Postdoctoral Prizes, recognizing the outstanding work being carried out by UK-based early career researchers. We are delighted to announce that the 2018 winners are: Postdoctoral Medal: Alex J. McCoy-West ECR Prominent Lecturer: Rosalie TostevinContinue reading “2018 Geochemistry Group Postdoctoral Awards Announced”

#GGRiP2018 starts with a Bang, a Pop, and a Dance…

by Wesley T Fraser The Geochemistry Group annual Research in Progress meeting got off to a fantastic start with a sell-out public lecture delivered by Dr James Rae at the Byre Theatre on Monday evening. James told us all about global climate change, with an explosive introduction to the burning of fossil fuels, a balloon-basedContinue reading “#GGRiP2018 starts with a Bang, a Pop, and a Dance…”

ChAOS in the Arctic.

by Christian März The NERC-funded project “The Changing Arctic Ocean Seafloor” (ChAOS) has been going for a year now, and it is one of the most exciting interdisciplinary projects I have ever been a part of! ChAOS will quantify the effect of changing sea ice cover on organic matter quality, benthic biodiversity, biological transformations ofContinue reading “ChAOS in the Arctic.”

Green Prince campaigns for ‘Blue Economy’

by Susan H. Little The Grantham Institute Annual Lecture 2018 His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco 1 March 2018 In 2017, the BBC’s Blue Planet II plunged viewers to new, murky depths. Breaking hearts with stories of plastic waste and baby pilot whales, it swept to the National Television Awards Special Impact Award.Continue reading “Green Prince campaigns for ‘Blue Economy’”

Meet the committee

The Geochemistry Group committee are: Dr Jason Harvey (Chair): Lecturer, University of Leeds Dr Christopher Pearce (Secretary): Senior Marine Geoscientist, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton Dr Sam Hammond (Treasurer): Project Officer, The Open University Dr Wes Fraser (Communications officer): Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University Ordinary members: Dr Pallavi Anand: Lecturer, The Open University Dr Christian März:Continue reading “Meet the committee”

iGEO 2018 – an Irish event aimed at early career geoscientists

by David van Acken In January 2018, NUI Galway hosted the inaugural Irish Geosciences Early Career Symposium 2018 event, a two-day conference with discussion hubs, workshops and presentations for PhD students and postdocs. Organized by PhD students and postdocs from NUI Galway, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies, and UniversityContinue reading “iGEO 2018 – an Irish event aimed at early career geoscientists”

Life on the ocean waves can be SWEET.

by Rachael Shuttleworth Geochemists and palaeoceanographers use the chemical and isotopic composition of preserved foraminifera (carbonate microfossils) in deep sea sediments to reconstruct the environment of the past. There are a vast range of things we can reconstruct based on the chemistry of these fossils from temperature to nutrient utilisation. The research I do focusesContinue reading “Life on the ocean waves can be SWEET.”

The Journey Begins

Welcome to the new webpages for the Geochemistry Group. These pages will serve as a continually updated resource for the UK’s geochemistry research community. In addition to this rolling blog page, you will be able to find links to our parent groups, the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland, and the Geological Society ofContinue reading “The Journey Begins”